Thursday, June 23, 2011

 Q:  How low will Manning Financial Group go on credit scores?
A:  We are accepting USDA loans down to 620  for all borrowers and
True No score borrower. Call our sales team for details.

Q:  How does Manning Financial Group handle appraisals on the U.S.D.A. mortgages?
A:  We order the appraisal direct, help make the appointment for the inspection and communicate with the appraiser allowing a smoother process.

Q:  I have heard the USDA if out of Funding?
A:  That is true, but Manning Financial Group will be issued a conditional loan approval and funds
      to close the loan. That means no delays on financing the purchases. Most transaction closes  
      within 3 weeks of application.

Q:  Will Manning Financial Group provide a Pre-approval for my buyers?
A:  Yes, you can contact one of our sales team with no appraisal, title, or sales contract and
      we will issue the pre-approval the same day, most cases within 1 hour.

Q:  What are your turn times for loan approval once the loan is submitted?
A:  We always run on 24-48 hour turn times every day, every week, and every month.

Q:  I get frustrated that I cannot contact my current Lender, are you better?
A:  Yes.  We do one thing and do it right, USDA, Conventional mortgages. As we say, "We
      love your phone calls!" No voice mail, no phone que, only live mortgage professionals
      Monday thru Saturday.
Q:  Can my customer make application online?
A:  Yes. We have a fully integrated web site that alerts us the moment your client makes

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